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    Romantic love: why we bother

    In this lovely TEDEd animation, contemporary philosopher Skye Cleary poses the age-old—and perhaps unanswerable—question of why do we choose to put ourselves through love’s emotional ringer? Cleary summarizes five philosophers’ diverse perspectives on what fuels the impetus…

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    Mindset: the master key to a happy relationship

    Recently I posted about Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s theory of fixed versus growth mindsets. Dweck’s research has shown that children with a fixed mindset believe talent to be innate, and tend to respond to setbacks…

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    Are you hearing compliments?

    Most relationship advice focuses on how we can be more giving, which can indeed be an important reminder in our harried lives. For some people, however, it’s receiving that’s the hard part. As best-selling self-help…

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    The Scoop On Fetish & Fantasy

    Sex without sin is like an egg without salt,

    Luis Buñuel once quipped.

    In this short video, Alain de Botton’s School of Life examines the underlying psychology of some commonly-held fantasies—from the lure of the…