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    love & lust

    Romantic love: why we bother

    In this lovely TEDEd animation, contemporary philosopher Skye Cleary poses the age-old—and perhaps unanswerable—question of why do we choose to put ourselves through love’s emotional ringer? Cleary summarizes five philosophers’ diverse perspectives on what fuels the impetus…

  • love & lust

    Mindset: the master key to a happy relationship

    Recently I posted about Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck’s theory of fixed versus growth mindsets. Dweck’s research has shown that children with a fixed mindset believe talent to be innate, and tend to respond to setbacks…

  • heartbeats

    Jane Hirshfield’s ‘For What Binds Us’

    A long-time practitioner of Zen Buddhism, American poet Jane Hirshfield is known for combining metaphysical philosophy with subtle domestic details. As Steven Ratiner noted in the Washington Post:

    The reader’s attention rests comfortably on a few…