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    Could porn be ruining your sex life?

    We Gen-Xers cobbled together a sex education by perusing the Playboys left lying around by friends’ fathers and listening furtively to Dr. Ruth’s radio show, Sexually Speaking, on our Walkmen. Spin the bottle made way for…

  • modern love

    Are you hearing compliments?

    Most relationship advice focuses on how we can be more giving, which can indeed be an important reminder in our harried lives. For some people, however, it’s receiving that’s the hard part. As best-selling self-help…

  • modern love

    The Scoop On Fetish & Fantasy

    Sex without sin is like an egg without salt,

    Luis Buñuel once quipped.

    In this short video, Alain de Botton’s School of Life examines the underlying psychology of some commonly-held fantasies—from the lure of the…