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How To Heal Heartbreak

Suffering from a pre-Valentine’s Day breakup? Our friends at AsapSCIENCE prove what we’ve suspected all along―heartbreak really does stimulate the same parts of the brain as physical pain. Being separated from a loved one makes cortisol go up and norepinephrine go down, causing a major stress response in the body.

So how do we bandage the wounds of the heart? Social support is key to healing, so try to surround yourself with friends and family even when you’d much rather hole up with Netflix and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Yoga Journal’s lovely heart healing sequence offers active poses that keep energy flowing through the heart and restorative poses that relax the central nervous system.

Spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell offers a lovely list of self-care suggestions here—from using rose oil to keep the heart open to how to handle social media (hint:“unfriend, block, delete”).

My own favorite tried-and-tested technique? Burning sage to a playlist including Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable (“to the left, to the left…”).


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