Tony Robbins: two minutes to tap into intuition

Woo-hoo! Heart-focused breathing and meditation techniques are stepping into the limelight.

In a recent podcast on achievement versus fulfillment, executive coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins shared a quick way to get into coherence—in which the rhythm of the heart and brain waves come into sync.

According to Robbins, our programmed survival mechanisms lead us to focus on what’s wrong (often just that our preferences aren’t being met). It takes practice and vigilance to focus on all that’s right, including just the joy of being.

Robbins offers the following simple technique to get ourselves into coherence, what he refers to as a ‘beautiful state’:

1) Put both your hands on your heart (this releases oxytocin, the ‘happy hormone’). Focus on your heart and breathe into that place of focus.

2) Feel gratitude by bringing to mind several positive memories. According to Robbins, gratitude works as an antidote to fear and anger, the two emotions that hold us back.

3) If you’re struggling to solve any problems, ask yourself, “all I need to do is…” We make better decisions from a coherent state, as we have access to intuition.

This little two-minute meditation is very similar to HeartMath’s quick coherence technique. The heart communicates with the brain and body through hormones and the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which regulates the unconscious functioning of our internal organs. Research done by HeartMath has demonstrated a strong connection between the heart and emotions: negative emotions wreak havoc in the nervous system, while positive emotions boost both physiological well-being and creativity. By practicing these techniques, we get better at self-regulating and maintaining a coherent state even in times of stress.

As Robbins says,

Your mind’s great for strategy but it’ll never make you enjoy your life. It’ll never let you enjoy the taste of an apple because it’ll go ‘Is it organic? Where did it come from?
Versus your heart, which can bring the juice of anything back to you.

The juice…? BRING IT!


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